School Support Plan

Many online learning resources are fortunately being made available in the form of study guides and recorded lectures, but we’ve heard from several high school science teachers that they are struggling to provide continuity with science labs and other essential hands-on learning activities.

As a startup focused on creating realistic virtual science labs and 3D simulations accessible from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, and computer, we would like to help affected educators and students by offering free access to our learning experiences.

Please see below for our currently available apps, available on different platforms as indicated by the icons (iOS, Android, web). Of particular note, the web apps can be accessed with no download required from all mobile devices and computers.

In addition to our current apps, we are actively soliciting requests from educators who are facing specific challenges that we may be able to develop solutions for with our unique focus and skillset. If there are particular labs or content areas that you want to offer your students despite not physically being in the classroom, let us know.

We fervently hope that classes can resume as soon as safely possible, but until then we will do our best to support all of those affected. Feel free to contact our CEO anytime at with feedback, questions, or requests.


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