You will be responsible for creating and maintaining our mobile app experience, implementing 3D visualizations, implementing new UI paradigms for augmented reality, optimizing performance etc. You will be a core member of the LightUp team helping to develop our new products delivering fully-immersive augmented reality experiences that will run on standard smartphones with a low cost stereo headset. You’ll also be experimenting with future devices like HoloLens, Meta and Moverio. If this excites you, reach out to


  • Work with UX designers to develop new apps that make learning fun and engaging, with augmented reality, 3D graphics, interactive voice guidance and adaptive learning

  • Work with other engineers to understand and implement algorithms for use in real time mobile graphics environments

  • Optimize performance for CPU, memory and disk space to ensure a good experience on mobile devices


  • Master's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent).

  • Two years of experience with 3D graphics rendering.

  • Strong 3D math skills (linear algebra, vector math, camera projections etc.)

  • Proficient with Unity and other game engines.

  • Knowledge of graphics APIs (OpenGL ES, Metal or equivalent) and shader languages.

  • iOS and/or Android experience a plus.