You will be responsible for creating and maintaining the computer vision infrastructure for object tracking and 3D pose estimation in real time that will enable 3D graphics overlays over live video. You will be a core member of the LightUp team helping to develop our new products delivering fully-immersive augmented reality experiences that will run on standard smartphones with a low cost stereo headset. If this excites you, reach out to


  • Develop and refine algorithms and software to detect and track objects in the shape of a plane, cuboid, cylinder and extend to work with arbitrary 3D shapes.

  • Develop and refine head tracking modules to track user’s head movement based on mobile device sensors and real time camera feed.

  • Work with 3D graphics Engineers to ensure that tracking technology performs well to overlay 3D graphics on live video captured with mobile device cameras.

  • Optimize performance for CPU, memory and disk space to ensure a good experience.


  • Master's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent).

  • Two years of experience developing real world computer vision solutions.

  • Strong 3D math skills (camera projections, camera calibration etc.).

  • Experience with CV and AR libraries such as OpenCV, Vuforia, ARToolKit or equivalent.

  • Experience with C/C++ or equivalent for implementing low level optimized code.