You will be responsible for ideating and designing our AR mobile app experience, user experience testing and for collaborating with software engineers in the team for implementation of the user interfaces. The design of the AR experience will involve 3D visualizations overlaid on live video, new UI paradigms for augmented reality and more. You will be a core member of the LightUp team helping to develop our new products delivering fully-immersive augmented reality experiences that will run on standard smartphones with a low cost stereo headset. You’ll also be experimenting with future devices like HoloLens, Meta and Moverio. If this excites you, reach out to


  • Devise and refine design concepts from prototyping through product commercialization.

  • Generate wireframes and transition models for user interfaces.

  • Generate and maintain 3D models for 3D visualizations overlaid on video.

  • Devise and conduct user experience testing to assess usability and user engagement.

  • Devise and standardize color schemes, style guidelines, icons etc. and generate and maintain 2D and 3D assets for all new products.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science, UX Design (or equivalent).

  • Specialization or industry experience in UX design for mobile devices.

  • Experience with 3D graphics modeling with tools such as Maya or Unity.

  • Experience designing software for AR or VR headsets a plus.

  • Experience designing for educational children’s products a plus.